Meet the Team

We have a team of full-time, trained experts ready to help you buy a new home or sell your current property. Each member of our team follows a detailed schedule to ensure that our clients get all of the attention they need and deserve. You get our entire team of hard-working specialists when you hire our realtors. Our teams include:


Listing Management:

You will work closely with our listing coordinator. You will get weekly updates about showings on your home as well as access to a customized plan for tracking results and getting your home into the hands of a new buyer quickly as possible. Our coordinator will update and change your plan to accommodate for feedback from showings as well as market changes. 

 Escrow Management:

Our escrow management team has the licensing and certifications necessary to work on real estate contracts. Each member of this team trains and works hard to make sure each step of the process moves smoothly and to meet all deadlines to avoid delays in the buying/selling process. They focus on appraisals, inspections and loan documents and are available to answer any of your questions.

 Marketing Specialist: 

Each property  is different. So,  we  ensure  that  each  home gets a customized marketing plan to help maximize  profits and reduce time on the market.  Our  full-time  specialist  works  solely  on attracting buyers.   The marketing specialists develop news ways to attract buyers and to increase the demand for homes in the market. Feel free to offer feedback and ask any questions during the marketing process.  


Listing Specialist: You need an agent that understands the market, knows the local market and knows how to sell your current home. With over 15 years of combined experience, our team has the background to give you the best service possible. Our listing specialist will look at your home and create a plan to help sell your home quickly. 

Buyer Specialists: Our buyer specialists focus on getting potential homeowners into the house of their dreams. They focus on showing the best properties as soon as they hit the market. Our buyer specialists focus solely on working with buyers so they can move quickly.

Our unique team organization makes it easy for you to get the attention you deserve.