How to Get the Most Money for Your Home  

We want to help you get the most money possible for your home. Because the real estate market is competitive, we will help guide you through the selling process, including marketing, to improve your chances at a better sale. Here are five key things to remember about our marketing plan:

   .Studying the Market: In addition to the comparative market analysis, which compares homes of similar size and location, we look at other factors to help determine a competitive sales price. We consider interest rates, inventory of homes and lending trends.  <Click here to learn more>

 Grab the Spotlight: In a competitive market, you need to get the buyer’s attention. You can actually raise the “perceived value,” (what the buyer thinks it is worth) simply by staging it properly. Staging, great photographs and curb appeal can increase the number of interested buyers you get. We recommend professional photographers, help with staging and encourage the use of videography (online tours so your home shines. <Click here to learn more.>

 Expose your Property: Getting more eyeballs on your property increases your chances of a sale. We put your home in as front of as many buyers as possible by using online marketplaces, contacting potential buyers and use of professional copywriters to help sell your home. We also feature your home on our website so clients will see it faster. <Click here to learn more>   

1  Spread the Word: To get your home noticed, we embrace modern marketing, including the use of social media, to sell. We target potential buyers on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Blogger, Craigslist, Instagram and YouTube. To maximize results, we work closely with other agents who have buyers looking at homes just like yours. <Click here to learn more >  

1    We work as a team:  There is power in teamwork. We put the power of our combined 15-years of experience behind your home. Our team is here to answer your questions. We work closely with buyers and we work hard to market your house so you can get more money in less time. We track every aspect of the sales process to maximize your profit. <Click here to learn more>  



Tools we use to help market your home:

SkyCam: This program uses high-definition, aerial photos. This program allows buyers a unique view of your entire property and will set your property apart from hundreds of others competing for attention. 


Expert Staging: We work closely with our clients to ensure your home shows better. Did you know that staged homes sell for up to 10 percent more than homes without staging? In addition, these homes often sell in as little as 30 days! Staging is not a requirement, but it can help buyers see the potential in your home.  <Click here to see more.> 

Professional Advertisements: We want your home to look good. Well-designed advertisements help your home look even better. Our professional staff will make sure your home shines in every marketing area with classy, thought-out designs geared towards discerning buyers.  

Proper signage: If you plan to sell your home, you cannot miss the traditional “For Sale” sign. While it may be old school, it is still an effective means of letting people know the property is available. Our signs include a phone number with 24-hour access to property information as well as texting and viewing information so interested parties can find out more.                                                                                                         

Print Advertising: We want to reach every potential buyer, so in addition to online marketing and signage, we utilize print advertising in local magazines. We work closely with local real estate magazines to ensure your home gets maximum visibility.                                       

Interested parties can tour your home during an open house. This is a great way to more bodies in the door. Prior to your open house, we market your open house online so that potential buyers (and other agents representing buyers) know to show up.

Our marketing tools are a result of hard work and study




We are so successful at selling homes because we know we can do more good by focusing on the right type of buyer. We help determine which potential buyers are more likely to be interested in your property to maximize the effect of our marketing tools.  This type of precision marketing lets us get your home in front of the people who want to see it. 

Our team has done extensive research to create this powerful system of marketing. We have met with top agents across the country and studied new ways to get our sellers more money. As a team, we focus on:

  •         Getting the most money for our clients.
  •        Making sales as quickly as possible.
  •     Helping our clients have an enjoyable experience during the sales process.